Welcome to thejourneyforwomen!!

Welcome to thejourneyforwomen!!

Sisters, I welcome you to your own forum!!

I created this blog so that women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds can share the things in our lives that hurt us and that keep us from living our best lives. With love as the catalyst, we can begin healing the hurts of our past and present, and begin a journey of self-love and empowerment.

Through the powerful vehicle of confession, we can finally free ourselves of the shame and hurt that accompanies loss, abortion, rape, sickness, infidelity, and divorce, among other things. We will also discuss topics such as being single, married, menopausal, working, retired, and so much more!

Women of the world, you are not alone in your journey!

I encourage you to begin sharing your stories here and reading other’s stories of hope and struggle. Feel free to respond to other sisters in a way that is appropriate, uplifting, meaningful, and, most importantly, non-judgmental.

In the end, I hope that this blog will become a worldwide movement, where women all around the world will come together to turn their failures into testimonies, their weaknesses into strengths, and their sorrow into joy.

Ladies, let us stop leading our families, communities, businesses, and world from a place of broken dreams and wounded hearts. Let’s embrace one another, wherever we are on our respective journeys, and in love restore, lift, and set free.

Let the next chapter in your Journey begin!

Love, Anique Ruiz


3 thoughts on “Welcome to thejourneyforwomen!!

  1. Pat Jn says:

    This is going to be good. There are so many broken and hurt women . Thanks I can not wait to read others and maybe encourage and receive encouragement. God bless you

    • Thank you so much Pat for your comment and your encouragement! I hope that one day you will share your testimony with us, as I know it will be powerful and impact many lives in a meaningful way.

      Be blessed! Anique

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