Abandonment of Fear and other Leadership Principles-Pt. 1

Leadership requires, even demands, that we learn to accept rejection as well if not better than we receive praise. Leadership comes at a price, and almost always that price includes one’s ego, desires, and pride.  The higher the level of service, the higher the price. If you are not ready to pay the price to become a leader, then you are not fully prepared to lead.

If you consider yourself a leader, do not be afraid to take a position! Do not be dissuaded by the current climate, where neutrality pervades and everything is acceptable and praiseworthy. Those that refrain from stating their views for fear that others will not accept them or misunderstand their position are not truly leading. To be a true leader, you must anticipate rejection and welcome varying points of view.

Leadership requires courage, persistence, and BOLDNESS–qualities that can only be forged in the fire of conviction. If you are not fully persuaded about who you are and what you believe, you will at some point succumb to fear and fail to achieve your full leadership potential.

Be wary of individuals that run full speed ahead toward leadership positions and titles. Often, individuals that are truly prepared to lead are those that, at least initially, move away from positions of influence because they understand the labor and sacrifice that is involved in leading others.  Rather than focusing most of your attention on those individuals that show high leadership potential based on their desire for influence, money, or power, redirect your focus to those within your ranks that have underdeveloped leadership potential and that may fear the demands of leadership.

Try not to pay too close attention to leadership titles. Forging new paths and ways of thinking may be met with opposition, sometimes from more revered, established leaders. Do not allow opposition to detract you from your life’s purpose, but be careful to distinguish opposition from criticism that is designed to help you grow.

At the end of the day, choose to love and keep moving forward.

Yours in the Journey,



8 thoughts on “Abandonment of Fear and other Leadership Principles-Pt. 1

    • I understand your concern and I thank you for your feedback. This is the first in a series of Leadership posts that I will publish on the subject. I invite you to continue reading through the next installments to see the direction that this line of teaching will take and how fear is unearthed and conquered through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

      Blessings to you always.

    • Sonja Stuckey says:

      Great advice…..being a “mature” Christian I understand the audience that you are writing to. I look forward to the next part of your series and you continue to write as God leads you.

  1. La Shaun Jackson says:

    These are all good qualities. I have been in a position of leadership and sometimes it does feel lonely especially when you have to make difficult decisions. I thank you for this article because this just validated how I felt. I will pass this information on. Again thank you

    • Thank you La Shaun for your feedback! Being a leader can be lonely, if you fly alone. But remember that God has many other eagles that are also leading. Whenever you need a friend or a confidant, look within to God. Then ask Him to connect you with other leaders that will deposit in you, listen to your concerns, and bear your burdens with you. He will never leave you alone without a confidant. Never.

      Blessings to you always!

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