The Wait is Over

Some of us are waiting for our financial situation to change, our health to change, or our children to change. Some of us are waiting for our job to turn around, for our spouse to get their act together, for our loved ones to stop fighting and start loving each other. In some form or another, we are waiting for something to change in our lives that will signal that we’ve moved from challenge to victory, from defeat to success.

When we look at celebrities who have a lot of money but seem to have the same struggles and challenges as we do, what do we have to say about that? When we hear about them committing suicide, or contracting a life-threatening illness, or going from riches to rags again, how do we process that? Do we consider them to be an anomaly in the pool of the rich and famous, or do we see similarities between their walk and ours?

Sure, good money, health, and family can make one very happy. They can ensure that some needs are met, that you are well enough to take care of your responsibilities, and that you have some companionship along life’s journey. However, money, health and family are not the answer to all of life’s problems. When we really take a close look at it, we will see that none of these things can bring true contentment. Only Christ can.

Rather than waiting on your circumstances to change, why don’t you determine now to live life gratefully, with purpose and meaning that goes beyond you to others in need? Make up in your mind that whether the economy goes up or down, or your health takes an unexpected detour that you will trust and rely on God through the whole thing, right down to the end. Have a made up mind to move forward in spite of what is challenging you, trusting that God is working behind the scenes to change that wayward son or that sassy daughter. Resolve in yourself that whether you have one million dollars or one dollar in your bank account (or no bank account at all!) that you are going to live life happy and free from the cares of this world. How is that possible? When you find your sweet spot.

See, your sweet spot is where you thrive, where you derive your energy. It’s where you come alive, where you shine, where you are motivated and enthused. Your sweet spot is that place where nothing can touch you, where you are “super bad” and where you experience the greatest rush or surge of energy. It’s where you were born to live–and produce.

People that are busy producing are less likely to be stopped by roadblocks along their path. Why? Because they have a goal in mind. When you have a goal or something you are trying to accomplish, you can’t get stuck in a defeated mode of thinking. The dream–the vision–drives you to accomplish your goals in a way that is not self-defeating. You realize that in order to be your best on any given day you have to adopt a “can do” attitude. You have to remind yourself that “you are more than a conqueror through Christ” and “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” At an even greater level, you realize that it was never really you in the first place that made all of the wonderful things in your life come to pass. It was God all along, carefully plotting your every move and using even your worst mistakes to make room for your greatest successes.

When you realize that it is God at work in your life and not you, it takes some of the pressure off. If not, you will think that you have to make things happen for yourself. The only way you can rest in the midst of trying circumstances is if you let Jesus take the wheel. While that can be trying for some of us “control freaks,” it is required if we are to lead a life that is pleasing to God. The Bible says that “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” If you don’t begin to act like a child (and I don’t mean sticking your finger in your mouth) then you will never experience the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. It takes a life of child-like faith to experience true freedom in Christ, and our level of faith in Him will determine just how high we can go. Some of us are able to fly really high, while many of us are just circling around the same landmark, not getting anywhere fast.

It is time to take the blinders off to see reality. The reality that life is not always going to go in the way in which we desire. That things are not ready made to accommodate our lifestyle. That the billions of people that occupy this earth have desires and needs that must be considered too. That we are not the only child God has. We must grow up to understand that our circumstances are but a piece of the overall puzzle of life and a season in the overall scheme of things. Sure, the first half or second half of your life has been more trying that you thought. Sure, you didn’t get that job you were hoping for. Sure, your spouse doesn’t treat you like they did when they met you. So what? Is that going to make you stop dreaming, stop hoping, stop praying for something better? Is that going to make you cower in fear, afraid to try anything new for fear of failure? Will you continue to use your financial situation as an excuse to sit idle and do nothing with the vision God has given you? Will you bury your talent in the sand?

Disappointments happen to everyone, young and old alike. We all have disappointments in our lives that we’d like to avoid. However, if we get stuck in the disappointment and fail to move ahead from it we will miss a key opportunity that is just beyond the failure. Every treasurer is disguised as a problem. Every new thing is wrapped up in something old. Every desire is wrapped up in a task waiting to be accomplished. Every new dream starts from nothing.

Take your nothing and do something with it. Whatever it is. Use whatever gifts and talents God has given you and employ them for His purposes. Get out there with your two cents, two hands, and two feet and get moving. Try something new. Find out what’s free and go to it. Help someone else launch their business. Meet a friend for coffee, or go write that business plan you’ve been talking about for years. The time is now to make your dreams come true, so don’t hesitate. Don’t look at what you don’t have, that little jar of oil and flour. Instead, look at what you do have, what you can put together, what resources or connections God has placed in your path. Nothing is done alone, so take a glance at the people in your inner circle to see who can help you with your vision. Don’t delay and don’t wait. God has given you everything you need to turn the corner. Just ask.

Blessings come along life’s journey when we are actively looking for them. They chase us down when we’re already working with what we have. Take your five talents and make five more. Then present those ten talents to the Father and watch Him take them and multiply them even more because you’ve demonstrated that even with the little things, you can be trusted. God LOVES faithfulness and He rewards those that use what they have to do impactful things for others.

Get busy. Get motivated. Get excited. Get blind to what’s around you and start using your talents for good. It’s time.

Yours in the Journey, Anique


4 thoughts on “The Wait is Over

  1. Kristi says:

    Sister Loved by God, you are amazing! Can’t wait to pick up my copy of your upcoming devotional book for women. {{It’s in the works, right?}}

    • Kristi, thank you for visiting the site and reading this post. I had no idea of how God was going to use my life to reveal His glory and truth. I love to hear from wonderful women like you who have opened their heart and arms to follow Christ.

      Last December I published my first book, “When A Tree Blossoms: Experiencing Fruitfulness That Lasts.” You can visit the publisher’s site at or my Facebook site (El Ameer) for more information about the book and to place your online order. I am working on a second book on Hope that I am very excited about, and I recently created a Facebook site called “Hope: An Anchor For the Soul.” I’d love for you to give me your thoughts!!

      Blessings to you, Anique

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